The trend of the future is Automated Digital Marketing

For many of us, there’s a certain amount of “letting go” that we need to learn to do.

Digital marketing now represents over 50% of all marketing done by auto dealerships, but many of them are still doing it the way that they have been marketing for decades – through advice from salespeople and gut instinct.

At no time in human history has it been easier to know what someone will do than it is today. While all consider ourselves unique, most of us follow relatively predictable patterns.

For example, when someone has a new baby, they’re likely to purchase a car within a year as they need more room. If they have a second child, they’re probably going to start looking for a minivan or SUV.

Based on what pages someone likes on Facebook or Pinterest, we can predict what kind of car they want, when they want it, and how much they are likely to be able to pay.

Aclaró AI puts the power of the risk process in your hands.

With great power, comes great responsibility. We look forward to working with you!