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Aclaró AI is here to help you scale your business through cutting-edge technology and we know you’re going to love it.

Aclaró A.I. is designed to be easy to use and understand. We’ve created everything so that you don’t have to have a computer programming degree to get the most from the system. Moreover, we have an outstanding support team that’s here to answer your questions and help you get the most from aclaró A.I.’s powerful technologies.


  • See the likelihood of a loan default
  • Tap into data from 10,000 US banks
  • Understand factors for loan completion
  • Prepare your sales team to make the sale

Nexus Score

Imagine being able to see the information over 10,000 US banks and using that to see what a borrower’s financial health is. Of course, this allows your salespeople to be able to see how much car someone can afford, how hard it will be to get them a loan, and how easy it will be to sell them into a great vehicle.


This type of information delivers leads to your delaships and to lenders.

Nano Profile

  • See tons of information about each lead
  • Monitor major life changes in leads’ lives
  • Reach out at the right time
  • 1:1 marketing
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Vehicle and service recommendators

Engage Me

  • Survey warm leads about auto purchases
  • Understand your potential customers’ budgets
  • Prepare them for a great loan
  • Understand the possibility of loan default

Market Place

Imagine when a lead walks onto the lot and you have a menu in your hand of vehicles that are well-suited to them. That’s what Aclaró AI Marketplace delivers.
You can show your leads the right vehicles.

  • Vehicles that suit their life needs
  • Vehicles that they can afford
  • Vehicles that they’ll like

Government Solutions

Aclaró’s AI tools provide governments with powerful solutions, from health to funds management to tax fraud.

AI provides insight and analysis at a level that’s unprecedented and would be far from cost-effective to do by hand.

Using Aclaró’s AI, governments can reduce fraud, identify violations of law, and decrease workloads.

  • Health Sector AI
  • Funds Management
  • Tax Fraud Detection
  • The Governmental Cost-Saver

Vehicle Center

Monitor inventory across one or multiple locations and connect directly with customers with one click of a button!

  • Manage Inventory
  • Ease and Security
  • Connect with Customers

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